Let the Embassy Theatre take your students on an educational tour of our historic building! We offer both in-person and virtual study trips for your class or group. Teachers or leaders choose the program that best fits their needs. Program modules address state standards in the arts, language arts and social studies, making this trip refreshing and informative.

Commitment to Community (in-person and virtual available)

Taking a bow on the Embassy stage, students act out history and learn how a community chose to save the historic theatre from the wrecking ball. Students use analysis and application of information as they investigate the building.

Touring and discovering the amazing variety of artwork embedded in the walls, ceilings, and floors of the Embassy Theatre reinforces the artistic value of the building itself. Taking to the stage to reenact the history that led to the Embassy being saved helps students understand the responsibilities and choices that are made when citizens consider choices affecting an entire community. Aligned for grades 3-8. This study trip is two and a half hours in length.

Click the link for pre-trip and post-trip Activities for Commitment to Community study trip

Entertainment Then and Now (in-person and virtual available)

This program walks participants through the path of a patron as they compare and contrast theater going from 1928 to the present. In approximately 90 minutes students will tour the building and compare attending a performance at the Embassy Theatre in 1928 to today. Aligned to state standards, appropriate for all ages. Grades 1-12.

Click link for pre-trip and post-trip Activities for Entertainment Then and Now study trip

Bud’s Attic (in-person and virtual available)

Participants will examine unusual artifacts from the Embassy Theatre and Hotel Indiana. After examination, they will draw conclusions on the item’s identity and use based on observation and prior knowledge. Participants will discover “hints” about the artifacts and then have a chance to re-examine and reassess the artifacts using newly gained knowledge. The virtual tour is 40 minutes in length with teacher material. Aligned for grades 3-5 but also appropriate for grades 6-8.

Shapes, Sights, Sounds and Surfaces (in-person only)

This Study Trip experience invites preschoolers to explore the Embassy Theatre with their senses. Instead of telling four and five-year-olds “don’t touch,” they can explore the beauty of the theater with their hands, eyes, and ears while practicing recognizing shapes and colors. Appropriate for ages 4 to 5. This study trip is 60 minutes in length.


Virtual Study Trips

We make it easy! Each teacher receives a link for the virtual program. The pre and post-activities are emailed/mailed to the teacher after booking. You can stop and start the video as desired. Closed captioning is available for accessibility. Video is good for 48 hours after activating the access code

Cost: $35 per class (where a class is assumed to be a maximum of 25 participants).

Click below to order the videos:

Commitment to Community Virtual Study Trip (run time: approx. 50 min.)

Entertainment Then and Now Virtual Study Trip (run time: approx. 50 min.)

Bud’s Attic (run time: approx. 40 min.)

In-person Study Trips

There is a student fee of $3.00 for any in-person Study Trip. We allow one adult for every five students to attend at no charge. Teachers are always free.

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