Bloody Tambourine & The Musical Mafia

September 14, 2022

Show Time: 5:00 pm

Food Vendor: Junk Ditch Food Truck

Bloody Tambourine and the Musical Mafia is an original whimsical ragtime band based in Fort Wayne, IN and Chicago, IL. The story goes that one day, Derek Kemp (drums) found a mysterious tambourine on his porch with a red spot on it. Eager to understand where it came from, he showed his friends, exclaiming, “What is this bloody tambourine doing on my porch? Is the musical mafia out to get me?” Thus, the band was born. Bloody Tambourine and the Musical Mafia creates musical storylines about haunts that are unique to NE Indiana, and they love to celebrate things that are spooky all year round.