Funayurei & Deejaysix

June 15, 2022

Show Time: 5:00 pm

Food Vendor: Mercado

Featured Drink: Frozen Mango Daquari

Funayūrei formed September 2018 in Fort Wayne, Indiana by Mandy Kawa and Rob Parker. At the time, both individuals had bands of their own. What started as a quick collaboration very quickly turned into a full-length album. In May 2019, their debut album “Liminal” was released, combining sounds taking a clear influence from eighties electronic music, and beyond. The album released to positive acclaim and found a way to create a sound that spoke to fans of synthwave and retrowave, yet somehow didn’t quite fit into those boxes.

After a number of live gigs in support of the album, work continued. In spite of the 2020 pandemic, Funayūrei pressed onwards in the studio. The following year saw the release of the duo’s sophomore album “Not Forever, But for Now” in August 2021. The album refined and pushed their sound into new yet familiar territories.