Sankofa + Dap One

June 1, 2022

Show Time: 5:00 pm

Food Vendor: Bravas Food Truck

Featured Drink: Frozen Mimosa

Sankofa’s just your average, run of the mill, Australian born, dual citizenship having, language loving, world traveler. He is a guy who forever takes his craft, yet rarely himself, seriously. Sankofa is that Del, Souls of Mischief, Sidewalk Chalk, Doodlebug from Digable Planets, MC Frontalot show opener you may not have noticed until it’s time to rock a mic. With influences running the gamut from Big Daddy Kane to the criminally underrated Casual, Sankofa keeps it moving, determined to keep honing his craft and holding it down for Fort Wayne. As Mic Geronimo once said, “it’s time to build.”  To catch up on the music Sankofa keeps putting out, swing by